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Luxury & Desire Products at Jeevan Tantra

Luxury & Desire sees no boundaries………it implies beauty & happiness around this prized possession. As they say, Luxe items are not necessity, but it is an indicator of the wealth,... Read More

Home appliance division of JeevanTantra

Home appliance division of JeevanTantra is built on a platform that shares the offerings of renowned and established suppliers / manufacturers. Our product range currently covers kitchen appliances and is... Read More

Buy Corporate Gifts for Delhi-NCR

JeevanTantra prides itself in being acknowledged as a Corporate Gift company based out of Delhi and catering to its clients across Delhi & NCR region. It manages to offer superior... Read More

Thought about finding an appropriate gift usually causes jitters to one’s mind. Aligning a proper gift item is more cumbersome with changing and demanding needs. JeevanTantra specializes in providing such... Read More

Ramadan 2023: Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection for Muslims all around the world. The last ten days of Ramadan, known as “Laylat Al-Qadr". Donate Food Packs,... Read More

He also provides practical tips and techniques to help them maintain a positive outlook on life, even during challenging times. Suresh is considered the best motivational speaker on wellness, inspiring... Read More

You may get sweetness served under the stars with our service of Midnight Cake Delivery in Bangalore. With the help of our online cake delivery, you can now send cakes... Read More

Discover the finest Indian jewelry in Dallas at dglobalfashions Wide range of traditional and contemporary designs in gold, diamonds and precious stones. Experience elegance and craftsmanship at its best. Shop... Read More

I’m going to give you seven things that organic gardeners do differently from regular gardeners along with 30 practical suggestions for ways. That you can implement organic gardening practices in... Read More

Shop Stunning Moonstone Rings at Sagacia Jewelry

Moonstone Rings are a perfect choice when you are looking for something with subtle shine and versatility. With its bright feminine energy and a tint of blue sheen, you can... Read More