Symmetry Vascular Center Stuart Florida

1. Ulceration / Gangrene

Ulcers on your toes and/or feet. These can last for months without healing. Severely damaged circulation may lead to ulcers with no oxygen or nutrients to form healthy tissue. In extreme cases, these can lead to infection and gangrene. A prompt evaluation by the vascular surgery team can help alleviate the problem and put you at ease.
2. Rest Pain

A burning or throbbing feeling in your foot, often worse at nighttime when trying to sleep. Often this is a sign of impending, irreversible damage to your leg. A referral to the vascular surgery team is important because they can perform a proper workup and determine if surgery is needed.
3. Claudication

A cramping sensation in your buttocks, thighs, or calf muscles. Treatments include medical therapy, lifestyle changes, smoking cessation, exercise and, in rare circumstances surgery.