Odia Book Kabi Samrat Upendra bhajanka Kruta Baideheesha Bilasa

Kabi Samrata Upendra Bhanja was a 17th-century Odia poet-composer of classical Odissi music. He is most known for his Odissi songs and kabyas written in the Odia language, primarily Baidehisa Bilasa, Labanyabati & Koti Brahmanda Sundari.He was born during 1670 at Kulagarh now known as Kulada , a princely state in Bhanjanagar, 80 km from the Silk City Berhampur Of south Odisha and died during 1740 (again opinions vary).

His first wife was the sister of the king of Nayagarh and the daughter of the king of Banapur was his second wife, who was an erudite princess and gave Upendra Bhanja poetical inspiration in an abundant measure. His grandfather King Dhananjaya Bhanja was a great poet and wrote Raghunatha Bilasa (The Ramayana), Ratna Manjari (a poetical romance) etc., which provided models to the prince for writing. But unlike his grandfather, he preferred his entire life to poetry rather than to ruling over a kingdom. He had a thorough training in Sanskrit classical literature and mastered Sanskrit dictionaries such as Amara Kosha, Trikanda Kosha and Medini Kosha. He even wrote a dictionary Geetabhidhana in Odia for helping poets. The town of Bhanjanagar near Silk City Berhampur is named after him. The music of Upendra Bhanja is central to Odissi music, the traditional classical music of the state of Odisha and Bhanja is widely respected as one of the greatest Odissi composers of all time.

Upendra Bhanja Is one of the best artist of Odia literatureHe is known as Kabi Samrat or Ruler of Poets.Baidehisha Bilasa is One of the best and immortal creation in Odia writing. 'Baidehisha Bilasa' composed on the tale of Ramayan. The whole book is written in one sonnet. The decision of
words in this sonnet is astonishing and very magnificent to pay attention to.Each couplet in this sonnet begins with letter 'B' so does the title too.In
Baidehisha Bilasa Kavyas, beginning for each line begins with "Ba".