Media Agencies in Nigeria – Pulse Africa

Media agencies in Nigeria have been the often unseen catalyst for some of the social, civic and even political change moments in the history of Nigeria. Whether traditional media or more recently, digital media, the media agency has impacted business success through the application of marketing principles to position brands, build strong connections and establish brand loyalty. A media agency is involved in some way, shape or form in amplifying relevant content to a large audience through appropriate channels upon which the audience depends for this information. As technology has grown, media agencies have migrated in tow from the old platforms of TV and radio, to now also incorporate new channels such as social media platforms, websites and apps. Regardless of what channel, they use, here are some of the ways that media agencies provide value to brands and businesses through their platforms:

Strengthen conversations between the audience and brands

In advertising, media agencies in Nigeria have created a space for interaction between customers and their favourite brands through creative content creation, video production and other strategies aimed at the engendering of public conversations around a brand. Through television, radio and social media ads, these media agencies drive attention and affection, resulting in product improvements, top-of-mind awareness and ultimately, conversions.

Refine brand communication and advertising

Media agencies, as part of their capabilities, help to mould and shape the brand’s reputation and design and execute campaigns that align with the brand’s characteristics and also help to shore up its reputation, making it popular among the audience. This is important because brand reputation is a metric that can either win over new customers or lose business for the brand.