Largest 2 BHK flats in Borivali by Zenon Entity | Zen 1

The kitchen in the middle of between the front room and room. The washroom is planned decisively thinking about the space.

The main room looks like a safe house wrapped up a corner. Yet, the most beguiling element of the room is the regular light.

It is planned remembering Vaastu.

Arranged in the core of Borivali it is one of the most amazing associated and quickest developing rural areas of Mumbai with lively new private zones, business locale, and awesome recreation and way of life offices.

Fantastic availability will save you additional time with the most valuable 2BHK level in Borivali.

Largest 2 BHK flats in Borivali by Zenon Entity | Zen 1

2BHK level in Borivali of Zenon realty has sufficient room for a current family to appreciate solace. It is exceptionally extensive and sumptuous regarding look.

Zenon realty 2BHK level has three arrangements. Harmony 1 is among the initial three and has a Rera cover area of 719 sq. ft.

It is a new 2BHK level in Borivali for those uncommon classes of people and families who merit just the unrivaled and have a fondness for quality. It is for each and every individual who accepts life merits living without limit. Everything is in light of a solid mentality.

It has shrewd network to fundamental objections like schools for kids, the market for everyday basics shopping, and medical care offices.

The section entry would make them think you are going into the place of your fantasies. Then you will go into the family room and eating space. The kitchen is the primary concern of fascination and where our spirit is.