High Quality Asbestos Gland Packing Manufacturer in India

Petromet Sealings is a renowned Asbestos Gland Packing Manufacturer in India, with over two decades of experience in the industry. As one of the leading suppliers of asbestos gland packing in India, we are dedicated to offering our clients tailored solutions based on their unique needs. We also provide a variety of asbestos gland packing types, such as asbestos dry plaited packing, asbestos tape proofed with metallic and non-metallic rubber, asbestos braided from high-grade yarn, brass wire reinforced asbestos yarn packing, and lubricated and graphited asbestos packing. We are a top Asbestos Gland Packing Manufacturer, that places a high priority on quality control during the production process. The selection of raw materials is the first step in our quality control procedure. From our reliable suppliers, we obtain raw materials of the highest calibre. We manufacture graphite braided gland packing in India as well.