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Master the Skill set of Cloud certification training at Newstar cloud innovation academy and build your cloud expertise and make smarter cloud choices.
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It doesn’t matter if your cloud journey has just begun or several years in the making, Newstar offers cloud talent sourcing strategies to keep your projects talent ready. Whether it is building cloud native from the get go, automating your path to production or containerizing your cloud workloads, Newstar can help you accomplish more. Change the trajectory of your talent pool, not your costs. We can perform migration, deployment automation and provide cloud native application services. Our smart talent experts do it ALL. ! One of the first steps in digital transformation is getting rid of redundancy, duplication and legacy applications that are breeding grounds for security issues. “You need to eliminate the impediments preventing a smooth customer journey across your organization.” Simplicity is essential to success in the modern enterprise. “You want to remove barriers and create frictionless journeys. That’s how you extract value from your technology.” !