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The Bad Effects Of Eating Junk Food – Guires Food Research Lab

Use our enlightening resource to learn more about detrimental effects due to frequent consumption of unhealthy foods has on cardiovascular health, and well-being. More Information: UK MIIC Unit 52-56, Greenheys Business Centre, Pencroft Way, Manchester, England,... Read More

Sensory Evaluation Methods For Food And Beverage Products

The Food Research Lab conducts sensory evaluation services that enhance the quality and subsequent acceptance of the developed products by the consumers. More Information: UK MIIC Unit 52-56, Greenheys Business Centre, Pencroft Way, Manchester, England, M15... Read More

Food, Beverages & Nutraceutical Contract R&D Services

Guires Foodresearchlab expertise provides Food, Herbal, Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals companies a leg up on the competition by helping them to better their products and services for their customers. More... Read More

Regulations in Shelf Life Extension of Food Products – Guires food research lab

Shelf life significantly influences the quality and the purchase decisions of consumers, and there are regulatory guidelines for extending a product shelf life. Guires FRL offers B2B solutions in product... Read More

Beverage Formulation and Manufacturing services | Guires Food research lab

Guires CDMO offers Beverage and Drink Product Formulation & Reverse engineering services for start-ups, global brands, and major retailers. Guires FRL facilitates contract beverage manufacturing and private label solutions. Your... Read More

Challenges faced while carrying out the sensory evaluation of food

Explore our blog to understand the intricacies of sensory evaluation, sensory testing, and sensory analysis in the context of food, brought to you by Guire's FoodResearchLab. Learn about the challenges... Read More

What are recent different sugar replacers available in the market?

Explore a wide array of alternative sweeteners currently on the market, carefully curated by Guire's FoodResearchLab. From natural substitutes to synthetic alternatives, discover the diverse range of sugar replacers that... Read More