Author: Archana

Powder Metallurgy Furnaces in india

For the Heat Treatment Industry, we manufacture mostly continuous furnaces for hardening & tempering, carburising & carbonitriding, nitriding & nitrocarburising, austempering, annealing, normalising, solutionising as well as ovens for drying,... Read More

traditional kurta pyjamas tnagar

The boulevard of fashion, LAGAN has over the years built its reputation as the creators of fashion, which goes beyond the set boundaries to create extraordinariness out of the ordinary... Read More

Industrial Furnaces in chennai

Fluidtherm is one of India's leading manufacturers of industrial furnaces. Based in Chennai,India the company incorporated in 1985 has designed and built world-class furnaces for the global Heat Treatment, Powder... Read More

men's wedding collection in chennai

From exquisite Sherwanis, Achkans, Jodhpuris and Kurta-pyjamas to exclusive western designer and business suits, LAGAN has the best for every occasion. At LAGAN, innovation is the name of the game... Read More