#1 Best Server Migration Services Mississauga | Network Cabling

"The ever-growing needs of IT calls for projects and handling them internally becomes challenging. Internal IT team runs thin to accomplish large projects and deadlines approach soon. It is best to call upon the professionals from Pulse Tech. Each new project is professionally handled by specialists on project management principles and overviewed. Goals are established and understood. Risks are analyzed, resources are aligned, and realistic deadlines are set for delivery with necessary documentation. Server Upgrades
Adding new servers to the existing or replacing old ones with new hardware. We work with your application companies, internal end-points, hardware and all devices to make sure the project does not bring unexpected turns. We help procure hardware and software as needed. Backup Installations
We create a multi-layered backup strategy. Internal-Local and secure Off-site backups are professionally designed for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. We design 15 minutes to 20 years of retention policy as per your needs. Safeguarding your Data is taken seriously at Pulse Tech.